Diamond Groove’s mission is to provide the finest selection of new vinyl records and accessories in Canada.

Diamond Groove is about selection and service. There are many places to purchase used records but finding new releases can be frustrating. Some retailers in Canada sell new vinyl records; however, their selection is poor and many do not stock most of their offered titles. This means that even if you can get the title, you will have to wait, sometimes months, for your order to be fulfilled. You can purchase new vinyl titles from our competitors in the U.S. but you will have to pay more and wait longer for shipping, pay Customs charges, and deal with fluctuating exchange rates.

We, of course, are happy to sell to our non-Canadian customers. Fluctuating exchange rates mean that our international customers may find our prices quite competitive with their own country’s offerings. All orders are billed in Canadian dollars, with the exact cost dependent on the exchange rate applied by your bank’s credit card.

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Diamond Groove
6 Hatt Street
Dundas, Ontario
L9H 2E8      Canada

1-877-DGROOVE (1-877-347-6683) toll free for Orders from Canada and U.S.
905-627-0899 for all other enquiries and locations.


Diamond Groove's retail storefront is open Tuesday to Saturday. Our store hours and telephone hours are:

Tuesday & Wednesday 10:00AM - 6:00PM Eastern Time

Thursday & Friday 11:00AM - 8:30PM Eastern Time

Saturday 10:00AM - 5:00PM Eastern Time

Sunday & Monday CLOSED

Feel free to telephone us for assistance with directions for getting to Alternative Audio / Diamond Groove.



Click on the picture to open it in Google Maps. Zoom out for a better perspective once you’ve got the map loaded in your browser.

Alternative Audio - our brick-and-mortar storefront that includes both Diamond Groove and Alternative Audio. We have an excellent selection of audio hardware, most of which cannot be sold online.

Library of Congress - recommendations for the storage and care of vinyl records.

Disc Doctor -  instructions for cleaning vinyl records using the Disc Doctor products. For Disc Doctor cleaning supplies available at Diamond Groove click here.



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