Ry Cooder
Paradise And Lunch ~ SACD x1
Label:  Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Genre:  Rock

Hybrid - Stereo
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  Numbered edition limited to 2,000 copies

Diverse 1974 Ry Cooder effort comes on like a secret history of song!

Hybrid SACD of Paradise and Lunch graced with organic sound and stunning colors

Ry Cooder's exceptional Paradise and Lunch takes a popular precept - music as the common denominator across all languages and styles - to extremes few artists have envisioned let alone fulfilled. Considered by many diehards to be the California native's finest hour, the 1974 set unfurls with rarified levels of joyousness, ingenuity, and sophistication.

Such eclecticism, virtuosity, and ebullience resonate with unmatched verve on our Hybrid SACD. Mastered from the original master tapes and strictly limited to 2,000 numbered copies, this audiophile reissue boasts dead-quiet surfaces, superb transient response, front-to-back soundstaging, and an organic immediacy that heightens the enjoyment, character, and craft of the arrangements.

Cooder's inspired guitar playing sounds tremendously lifelike, replete with proper scale, full-bodied tones, and a sense of decay that presents the trail ends of each note. Horns pop with three-dimensional detail and brassy colors. Akin to the contributions of all the all-star participants, Jim Keltner's percussion benefits from added stability and depth. Paradise and Lunch has never been more transparent.

Track Listing
1. Tamp ‘Em Up Solid
2. Tattler
3. Married Man's a Fool
4. Jesus on the Mainline
5. It's All Over Now
6. Medley: Fool for a Cigarette/Feelin' Good
7. If Walls Could Talk
8. Mexican Divorce
9. Ditty Wah Ditty

  Product ID: SCMFSA2159N



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