Numbered, limited edition Hybrid Stereo SACD

Best of Scorpions is a compilation album that contains the best tracks of the band's 1970s material. A sound collection of songs from their albums between Fly to the Rainbow and Taken by Force.

What you hear on Best of Scorpions is a band polishing their sound. The songs are rawer and heavier overall with a large emphasis on Uli John Roth's Hendrix-like lead work. Roth's "Hell Cat" sounds like one of the heavier tunes off of Electric Ladyland. Klaus Meine's lead vocals were very powerful and Rudolf Schenker's gift of writing memorable melodic riffs show their fruition here. Roth left the Scorpions in 1979 which is where this compilation stops.

Every track here is very solid... "Pictured Life," "Backstage Queen" and "Steamrock Fever" are excellent arena rockers. "Virgin Killer" and "Dark Lady" are furious rockers featuring menacing riffs and Roth's wild lead work. "Robot Man" and "Speedy's Coming" have great riffs, there's the humorous "He's A Woman, She's A Man" and "In Trance" is an excellent power ballad perhaps their best ever and one of the band's defining tracks. Finally, "The Sails of Charon" is one of the great early epics of heavy metal history.

The Audio Fidelity edition features the original LP cover art, an image of a scorpion stinging a naked girl's hip.


Track Listing
1. Steamrock Fever
2. Pictured Life
3. Robot Man
4. Backstage Queen
5. Speedy’s Coming
6. Hell Cat
7. He’s a Woman, She’s a Man Taken
8. In Trance
9. Dark Lady
10. The Sails of Charon
11. Virgin Killer
12. Produced by Dieter Dierks

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