180-gram 3LP box set

Mastered from the original masters of Universal Music

Pressed at Pallas in Germany

Solo performances of J.S. Bach Partitas and Sonatas from violinist Nathan Milstein.

"Milstein’s interpretation of these difficult works is at once brilliant and satisfying... It depends rather on what you imagine to be the ideal surroundings for a performance: a public recital or your own room. The music itself seems to me capable of supporting both interpretations, for it combines the rhetoric of extreme technical difficulty with a richness of detail that seems to call for more intimacy than a recital-hall can give us... For Milstein the technical difficulties hardly seem to exist, or rather, exist only as a stimulus to bravura... exceptionally distinguished presentation of music that is not nearly as austere as its reputation might suggest..." — Gramophone

• 3LP box set
• Audiophile 180-gram virgin vinyl
• Pressed at Pallas GmbH in Germany
• Audiophile analogue mastering by Rainer Maillard at
Emil Berliner Studios in Berlin
• Mastered from the Original Masters of Universal Music
• Analogphonic release
• 4-panel insert

Nathan Milstein, violin

Side 1:
Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonata No. 1 in G minor
1. Adagio
2. Fuga. Allegro
3. Sicilana
4. Presto

Side 2:
Partita No. 1 in B Minor
1. Allemanda
2. Double
3. Corrente
4. Double. Presto
5. Sarabanda
6. Double
7. Tempo di Borea
8. Double

Side 3:
Sonata No. 2 in A minor
1. Grave
2. Fuga
3. Andante
4. Allegro

Side 4:
Partita No. 2 in D minor
1. Allemanda
2. Corrente
3. Sarabanda
4. Giga
5. Ciaccona

Side 5:
Sonata No. 3 in C Major
1. Adagio
2. Fuga
3. Largo
4. Allegro Assai

Side 6:
Partita No. 3 in E Major
1. Preludio
2. Loure
3. Gavotte En Rondeau
4. Menuet I
5. Menuet II - Menuet I Da Capo
6. Bourree
7. Gigue

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