Horace Andy, an enormously popular reggae singer in the 1970s, enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in the late '90s, due in part to his extensive work with the British band Massive Attack. This has led, thankfully, to massive reissues of his earlier work, of which this is one of the better examples. Each of the ten tracks is presented in "discomix" style: The normal, vocal version comes first, and then segues seamlessly into the dub version. Those who have found his recent solo work under the aegis of Mad Professor to be a bit bloodless and overproduced will find this collection of 1970s singles refreshing. It starts out slow, with a disappointing piece of meta-reggae -- reggae songs about how wonderful reggae is are rarely revelatory -- but things pick up quickly with "Serious Thing" and the inevitable "Skylarking," and the momentum stays strong up to the end. Andy's high, almost girlish voice and weird vibrato may be an acquired taste for some, but he's worth the effort. -- All Music Guide

Track Listing
A1Reggae Rhythm5:27
A2Serious Thing6:48
B1Youths Of Today7:02
B2Dont Let The Problems Get You Down6:45
C1Mr. Bassie Discomix7:28
C2Pure Ranking Discomix8:29
D1Good Vibes6:15
D2Control Yourself5:29
D3Ital Vital

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