It's not very often we get to witness the importance of a new artist when their debut album gets released. From time to time, these initial works will become as legendary as their lifetime careers are. The great Phoebe Snow and her debut album, simply titled Phoebe Snow, are an example of this rare phenomenon. Filled with nine masterful songs, mostly written by a 23-year-old Phoebe Snow, including the smash hit "Poetry Man," truly became the catalyst for a major career which lasted for decades. It is now with great honor that Friday Music presents this legendary album on 180-gram audiophile vinyl.

Track Listing
1. Good Times
2. Harpo's Blues
3. Poetry Man
4. Either or Both
5. San Francisco Bay Blues
6. I Don't Want the Night to End
7. Take Your Children Home
8. It Must Be Sunday
9. No Show Tonight

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