"The album kicks off with "Triangle," perhaps the most traditionally jazz-sounding number on the album, flowing into "Can't Leave the Night," which is different but still creates a coherent opening to the album and is a precursor of how things will pan out, gelling genres such as hip-hop, jazz, and electronica effortlessly. "Can't Leave the Night" has the feel of a mid-'90s dance groove from DJ Shadow's Endtroducing... era before a sub-friendly climactic ending built up of arpeggiated synths and straight drum rhythms. Saxophonist and frequent collaborator Leland Whitty features on the track "Confessions," which is a smoky jazz number a little bit reminiscent of the early Bonobo records. "Kaleidoscope" is possibly the best track on the record, especially the latter part for its bass freakout and the way in which the group twists toward the blissful, beautiful jazz brass section and whistle-inducing melody line. "Since You Asked Kindly" could be the strangest inclusion here, as it's almost a different style altogether. As a whole, this is a great inclusion to an already impressive catalog and it's good to see a full-length of their own material. " -- AllMusic.com

Track Listing
1 Triangle
2 Can't Leave the Night
3 Confessions
4 Kaleidoscope
5 Eyes Closed
6 Hedron
7 Differently, Still
8 Since You Asked Kindly
9 CS60

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