The recorded presentation of a Bass Choir (five full upright string basses or Bass-Viols or Double Bass, as they are correctly termed) is a musical rarity. Bill Lee (father of director Spike) produced an album in New York some years back. A French group has also released a CD fairly recently, but without the star talent of some of America's bass-playing giants; without too the masterful compositions and string-bass arrangements of James Leary, himself a mega-bassman. James played bass on Todd Cochran's album and was totally captivated by the simple miking and purist audiophile recording techniques I like to use. He said 'I'd like to hear my bass choir arrangements recorded like that, but nobody would have the guts to release it...' (Which is the wrong thing to say to me, knowing, as I do, the profound pleasure that audiophiles derive from different and intensely interesting music!) And so the project was on." - Giulio Cesare Ricci, Fone

Produced and engineered by David Manley.

This is a pure analogue recording cut at 45 RPM and released as a single-sided pressing on 180-gram virgin vinyl. Put those facts together and you have a very special audiophile release by a company fast gaining reputation as a no-nonsense audiophile label.

Track Listing

Disc One
Bemsha Swing
Ballad for M

Disc Two
Bumpin' on Sunset
Gone Gone Gone

Disc Three
Quite Far
So Far, So Good

Disc Four

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