Vashti Bunyan's lone album, originally released in 1970, Just Another Diamond Day, features contributions from legendary British music royalty, including members of Incredible String Band and Fairport Convention, three string arrangements form Robert Kirby (college friend of Nick Drake, who did string arrangements on his albums), and preeminent producer Joe Boyd. Voted one of the Top British Albums of All Time by Observer Music Monthly.

Track Listing
1. Just Another Diamond Day
2. Glow Worms
3. Lily Pond
4. Timothy Grub
5. Where I Like To Stand
6. Swallow Song
7. Window Over The Bay
8. Rose Hip November
9. Come Wind Come Rain
10. Hebridean Sun
11. Rainbow River
12. Trawlerman's Song
13. Jog Along Bess
14. Iris's Song For Us
15. Love Song
16. I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
17. Winter Is Blue

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