Therese Juel has a way of making these ballads all her own, in a variety of styles and arrangements. The superb accompaniment ranges from members of the classical Stockholm Guitar Quartet to the modern fusion group Kornet. "Both words and melodies are brought to life by her mellow, gentle voice, her great musical ability and her dedication. The recording, as buoyant and clear as Therese's own voice, was made in a church, using the time honored, natural stereo-microphone technique. The result - hit, a palpable hit." -- Hifi & Musik.

Track Listing
1. Till Dig
2. Hejdu Vackra Manniska
3. Ny Arssang
4. Hostkanning
5. Haxan
6. Tiden Bara Gar
7. Trasdockedans
8. Den Nya Restaurangen
9. Flickan Under Nymanen
10. Restgarnskoftan
11. Vilken Varld det ska Bli

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