Munyungo Jackson, though having become a living legend in his own lifetime as THE master of international percussion rhythms, actually hails from Los Angeles where he was born into an intensely musical and theatrical family. Munyungo’s parents, Art and Genie Jackson, were co-hosts of a major jazz radio series and also ran a notable jazz nightclub. Genie still heads a school of drama that, of course, Munyungo and his siblings all attended as youngsters. Munyungo was studying for a career as a pianist when his father introduced him to a leading exponent of the timbale. Exit the piano. Bring on the drums. Enter Munyungo, THE DRUMMER. In truth, Munyungo sees himself as a drummer (rather than a percussionist) because he feels called to communicate his thoughts in the drum-languages of the world – with a total dedication to authenticity and absolute sincerity to what he views as the lifeblood of African culture. Munyungo has made important rhythmic contributions to such stars as Sting, Kenny Loggins, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, George Duke, The Pointer Sisters and Diana Reeves.

Track Listing

Disc 1
So Happy

Disc 2

Disc 3
Peter’s Bells
Shango Bakoso

Disc 4
On Green Dolphin Street
Oye Samba

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