180-gram gatefold LP

Two legends met to perform at the Philharmonie, Cologne on May 20 and 21, 1988 for a release in the WDR The Cologne Broadcasts series. Both musicians knew each other longtime from way back during World War II; as teenagers, Friedrich Gulda and his friend Joe Zawinul would go out and perform forbidden musics, like jazz, in violation of the Nazi government's prohibition on the playing of such music.

Includes a composition by Johannes Brahms. Music For Two Pianos includes musician and composer credits, plus liner notes and self-portraits by Friedrich Gulda and Joe Zawinul in English, French, and German.

Friedrich Gulda, piano
Joe Zawinul, piano
WDR Big Band plays on "Variations For Two Pianos And Band"

Side 1
Johannes Brahms
Variations uber ein Thema von Joseph Haydn, op. 56b

Side 2
Friedrich Gulda
Variations for 2 Pianos and Band
Joe Zawinul
Volcano for Hire

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