High Quality 180g Vinyl LP!
Remastering by Ray Staff at Air Mastering!

The remarkable Music, Inc. Big Band remains the apotheosis of trumpeter Charles Tolliver's singular creative vision. Rarely, if ever, has a big band exhibited so much freedom or finesse, while at the same time never overwhelming the virtuoso soloists on whom the performances pivot. Built around the core of Tolliver, pianist Stanley Cowell, bassist Cecil McBee, and drummer Jimmy Hopps, the music boasts the kind of give-and-take born equally of talent and telepathy - each player seems to communicate with his colleagues on a higher plane, delivering performances to rival any in their careers. Tolliver in particular plays like a man possessed, summoning an energy and clarity that slice through the big, bold arrangements like the proverbial hot knife through butter.

• High quality 180g Vinyl LP
• Remastering by Ray Staff at Air Mastering, Lyndhurst Hall, London
• Made in the U.K.

Charles Tolliver, trumpet
Stanley Cowell, piano
Jimmy Hopps, drums
Cecil McBee, bass
Richard Williams, trumpet
Virgil Jones, trumpet
Larry Greenwich, trumpet
Danny Moore, trumpet
Jimmy Heath, reeds, flutes
Clifford Jordan, reeds, flutes
Bobby Brown, reeds, flutes
Wilbur Brown, reeds, flutes
Howard Johnson, tuba, baritone sax
Garnett Brown, trombone
Curtis Fuller, trombone
John Gordon, trombone
Dick Griffin, trombone

Side 1:

1. Ruthie's Heart
2. Brilliant Circles
3. Abscretions
Side 2:
1. Household Of Saud
2. On The Nile
3. Departure

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