Ian Tyson and Sylvia Fricker were the greatest duo of the 60's folk movement. Their 3rd Vanguard LP is a true work of art. As the title of the album accurately suggests, the songs are regional reflections of living, working, loving and struggling in the great untamed lands of the Canadian frontier. The combination of Ian's expert 12-string playing and Sylvia's autoharp with their impeccable vocal harmonies brought out the best in all involved. Cut from the original session tapes and featuring the original recordings of "You Were On My Mind" and "Someday Soon". Cisco's 180-gram reissue of Northern Journey is a colourful exploration meant for all who enjoy top notch music and music-making.

Track Listing
1. You Were On My Mind
2. Moonshine Can
3. The Jealous Lover
4. Four Rode By
5. Brave Wolfe
6. Nova Scotia Farewell

1. Some Day Soon
2. Little Beggar Man
3. Texas Rangers
4. The Ghost Lover
5. Captain Woodstock's Courtship
6. Green Valley
7. Swing Down Chariot

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