Jazz Hot Record of the Year 1972

Stereo Review Jazz Album of the Year

180-gram double LP, mastered from the original analog tapes

"Paris Concert is evidence that here was one of the most excitingly talented bands of recent years, for these 94 minutes of music simply burst with vigorous invention." — Melody Maker

Circle was a band on fire with creativity. Chick Corea and Dave Holland had just left Miles Davis's band, keen to explore all parameters of new music in an improvised context. Anthony Braxton, equally inspired by Stockhausen and Coltrane, brought in new directions from the AACM. Barry Altschul's resumé included extensive work with Paul Bley. Together they were, for a while, matchless. Corea called the Paris Concert (recorded 1971) the realization of a dream.

Track Listing
1. Nefertiti
2. Song For The Newborn
3. Duet
4. Lookout Farm / 73° Kalvin (Variation - 3)
5. Toy Room - Q & A
6. No Greater Love

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