Despite her recognition as an emerging talent, Karine is, at 34, no novice, and her many years of apprenticeship on the folk-roots scene with traditional groups Battlefield Band and Malinky make her a vibrant communicator in live performance. In her writing, she combines the economy and universality of the folk storytelling tradition with the kind of probing intellect and lyrical attention to uncertainty you would expect from someone with a Masters degree in philosophical inquiry.

By telling stories, painting pictures and posting questions, Karine succeeds in her aim to communicate profoundly personal and quietly political messages without posturing and with plenty of room for individual interpretation. Her humanity and sense of justice, as well as her warmth and wit, shine through.

Track Listing
Hole In The Heart
I'm Gonna Do It
Daisy (There Are People)
Maybe There's A Road
Where The Smoke Blows
Holy Moses
Don't Know Why
Let It All Hang Out
I've Seen It All
Baleerie Baloo
Terminal Star
Follow The Heron

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