Quintessential '70s country rock

Limited, numbered edition

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

Produced by Jim Messina

Sittin' In was one of the seminal albums for the singer-songwriter genre of the 1970s, and was also highly typical of the growing California sound. This is an album which moved mainstream rock into a country groove and introduced the brilliance of Kenny's and Jim's music.

This recording was nearly perfect...with the duo's infectious blend of country, folk, rock and Caribbean music, Loggins & Messina soon reached the album charts driven by the success of two pop hits, "Vahevala" and "Nobody But You."

The acoustic tone of this album is superb as are the classic songs in this showcase collection of quality lyrics, top-notch vocals and a band of talented players that all came together to create a beautiful mix.

Sittin' In is a clear and enjoyable demonstration of the songwriting gifts they both possessed.

This recording will show off any home music system, which is why the LP version was so popular as a demo source in high-end audio stores.

Track Listing
1. Nobody But You
2. Danny’s Song
3. Vahevala
4. Trilogy:
I. Lovin’ Me
II. To Make A Woman Feel Wanted
III. Peace of Mind
5. Back to Georgia
6. House at Pooh Corner
7. Listen to a Country Song
8. Same Old Wine
9. Rock & Roll Mood

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