Remastered for vinyl at Infrasonic Mastering

Pressed at Pallas in Germany

First time ever on vinyl!

Indie Exclusive: Pressed on White Vinyl (Limited to 300 copies)

Never before been pressed to vinyl, Shirley Horn's Softly is reflective of the album's late night recording sessions at Peirre Sprey's home recording studio in rural Maryland, aptly named Mapleshade Studio. The 1988 release is commonly referred to as one of Horn's most introspective and emotionally intensive records to date. With her sidemen Charles Ables (bass) and Steve Williams (percussion) gathered into a quaint, pastoral living room full of recording equipment, the trio plowed through the tunes, tracking almost until dawn.

1. Since I Fell For You
2. You're My Thrill
3. How Long Has This Been Going On?
4. My, How The Time Goes By
5. Summer (Estate)
6. Forget Me
7. I Watch You Sleep
8. Softly, As I Leave You
9. Dindi

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