Limited, numbered edition

Includes multichannel mix in SACD

4.0 Surround Sound and original 2-channel stereo mixes in SACD stereo and CD stereo

Thrust, the 1974 follow-up to the breakthrough Headhunters album, was virtually as good as its wildly successful predecessor and it also reached No. 13 on the Billboard LP chart. Herbie Hancock continued to reach into the rapidly changing high-tech world for new sounds, most notably the metallic sheen of the then-new ARP string synthesizer which was already becoming a staple item on pop and jazz-rock records.

The set includes four extended tracks, three of which concentrate on the funk. The change-of-pace is "Butterfly," one of Hancock's loveliest electric pieces.

Track Listing:
1. Palm Grease
2. Actual Proof
3. Butterfly
4. Spank-A-Lee

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